About Us

Jernn was born from our obsession for making comfortable pairs of shoes, and a passion for helping you find one. 

Made exceptionally in-house

Comfort, durability, and design are our three guiding principles for our shoes. In order to uphold these, we go beyond re-selling products from third-party markets. We design, prototype, test, and produce our own shoes for us to deliver guaranteed quality to our customers. It is only when we handle and make our products from start to finish are we able to achieve such unique and outstanding designs.  

Tailored for the Southeast Asian Fit

Everyone loves a perfect fit. For us Southeast Asians, we need a pair of shoes that not only looks good but fits comfortably as well. Over time, our customers have asked us how we make our sharp-pointed shoes so comfortable. Our answer: the cutting. We’ve worked with unparalleled precision to deliver a shoe cutting specially made for the local Asian. So that when you need a more suitable footwear, you can always expect us to provide one.


We listen to you. We improve for you.

We can only stay ahead in the competition if we listen to what you want. As a service-oriented company, we know there is no one-size-fits-all approach for all pairs of shoes, that’s why we aspire to make any pair suitable and comfortable for anyone.